Monday, March 3, 2008

Teen Tech Week at Riverview Library!!!

Today we celebrated our first day of Teen Tech Week at Riverview Library. We shared various websites that were great alternatives to Myspace. At first, the teens were not happy about a "Myspace free zone" but once we started looking at some fun blogging, music, and just plan fun websites everyone was thrilled.

If you missed today's class, please join us March 6th at 4 pm for another eventful day of learning more about whats on the web and how to use it.


Anonymous said...

is that make this the one year anniversary of the teen blog?

Jen K said...

sort of... we started this blog last year in honor of the first Teen Tech Week. Our first post was made on Feb 12, 2007 (and I let that anniversary fly past me... whoops!) so we had a little time to get used to this whole blogging thing and work out the bugs.