Saturday, March 15, 2008

My picks for March

Fiction book- Perfect by Natasha Friend

Thirteen year old Isabelle Lee is having a hard time coping with her father's death. When her younger sister catches her purging herself, she gets sent to an eating disorders support group. But nothing would have prepared Isabelle for who came to the group as well- the most popular girl in the whole eighth grade class!

Non-fiction book- Paid to Play: An Insider's Guide to Video Game Careers

Do you like video games so much that you cannot imagine working on anything else? Then this book is right for you. Whether you want to work on character designs and be the next Yoshitaka Amano, or if you prefer to compose the soundtrack and be the next Nobuo Uematsu, does not matter. You can find many video game related careers right here.

Manga- Angelic Layer by CLAMP

Misaki Suzuhara has just moved to her aunt's house in Tokyo. She watches the Angelic Layer match on TV- and decides she wants an Angel of her own! Misaki finds the perfect Angel doll for her and decides to compete in Angelic Layer- whose creator, Icchan, takes special fondness of Hikaru and Misaki. But Misaki's life is not perfect- where could have her mother gone? And who is Oujiro? And why does young Hatoko know so much about the Layer?

Anime- Azumanga Daioh

Miss Yukari's new first year class could not be more bizarre! Chiyo-chan is a 10 year old child prodigy. Sakaki loves cats, but they do not love her back. Osaka is as absent minded as can be. Tomo is beyond hyper. And Yomi is the most normal one of the group- but still one of them! Hilarious comedy that will make you laugh and laugh some more.

Website- Elouai Doll Maker

Make paper dolls that look just like you- or your friends, or your favorite celebrity. Add your favorite accessories, place them on the landscape of your choice, and even had a pet. And yes, they have both girl and boy dolls.

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