Friday, March 7, 2008


How was the Grand Tourney at MOSI, you ask? EXCELLENT!

We estimate that almost 250 people came... some to play, some to hang out and watch, some just to check out all the commotion.
We started the day by selecting 4 wildcard players to join the 12 pre-qualified regional winners in each Grand Tournament. We ran double-elimination tournaments, playing one random song per match, until we ran our 16 contestants down to the top 2, who headed to the Finals.

<--- In the GH3 Finals: Johnny AK and The Raw

The Finals were Best 2 of 3. As the undefeated player, Johnny AK got the pick the 1st song, Raining Blood, which he won. As the challenger, The Raw, selected Number of the Beast as the 2nd song, which he also won. This brought us to a nailbiter of tiebreaker, selected by the judges... Metallica's One. And the winner... The Raw!

In the DDR SN2 Finals: maxninja and Matt -->

The Finals were also Best 2 of 3. The undefeated maxninja selected Volcano as the 1st song, which he won. Matt, the challenger, picked next: Calico Cat Rock, which he also won. As the tiebreaker, the judges picked Wind it Up. And the winner... Matt!

As the 1st Place winners of the Grand Tournament, Matt and The Raw each took home Rock Band! Johnny AK and maxninja each received a (PRODUCT) RED iPod Shuffle. (Our thanks to everybody who voted in our poll for helping to choose the prizes!)

More photos and more about the Tourney day fun to come soon!

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Anonymous said...

Yea the Grand Tourney was EXCELLENT indeed, i loved every minute of it, got to see some good people, competed in a HUGE stage, and it was the best! I had so much fun participating in the event, and to my knowledge, you guys are the only sponsors who hold DDR Tournaments here in Tampa (Except for MetroCon). Well overal it was a great experience and hopefully you guys continue this for next year =)