Monday, March 31, 2008

Anime-Manga Trivia

At a recent Anime-Manga Club meeting, we had fun with trivia. Everyone got a chance to answer questions and received points based on the difficulty of the question. We had time for about 100 questions, which was pretty cool. Once a club member got 5 points, they received a free manga book. The books were kindly donated by one of our club members.

Want to test your knowledge? See if you can answer these questions, which were written by club members...

One Piece
What animal is Tony Tony Chopper?
Who gave Luffy his trademark straw hat?
Name 4 members of Luffy's crew (not including Luffy)!

What is Isshin Kurosaki's occupation?
Kisuke Urahara was formerly the captain of which company?
Shinji Hirako is part of which faction?
What is the name of Captain Aizen's Zanpukuto?

Zabuza Momochi of the Hidden Mist is highly skilled at which type of fighting style?
What is the name of the organizaion that is trying to capture Naruto?
What is Orochimaru's goal in life?
What is the name of Kisame's sword?
At what age did Kakashi achieve the rank of Jonin?
Name the members of Kakashi's childhood team.

What is Sango's profession during her travels?
What is the name of Inuyasha's sword?
Naraku is usually seen wearing the pelt of what animal?

We'll be having more trivia fun at upcoming Anime-Manga Club meetings!


Heidi said...

Can you believe I do not know the answers to any of those questions? Why? Because I have not watched much of any of those series. I have watched one of the Inu Yasha movies, as well as the first season of Naruto in its entirety and a few episodes plus a special of the second one. No Bleach or One Piece at all.

Now if you ask me about Magic Knight Rayearth or Rose of Versailles, I can answer even the most detailed and tricky questions about them.

Jenn said...

We didn't have anyone write trivia about Magic Knight Rayearth or Rose of Versailles. The ones I posted were the most popular series, but we also had questions from Fruits Basket, Death Note, and other series. It was fun!

Jen K said...

Hmmm... maybe Heidi could supply some trivia questions on those series

Heidi said...

Well, Rose of Versailles is not licensed. I read and watched it in French, hehe.

But I can provide questions for all CLAMP series- which have been licensed. As well as for all manga and anime series that I have written about on this blog. And then some more.

Jen K said...

You're too cool! Some day I want to know another language that well!

Anonymous said...

What is the name of Inuyasha's sword?