Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Coming to you live from Seminole Heights!

It's Teen Tech Week and we're here at Seminole Heights Library with the Anime Club. We're checking out the new blog and everybody's got tons of ideas about cool anime stuff on the web and in the library...

  • i like this video because its my favorite anime gundam seed andrise against my favorite band and the song goes good with the video.

  • Hi my name is melissa I love Inuyasha. Now if you love inuyasha as much as I
    do you must think that Rumiko Takahashi is a vary smart person. so if you want
    to learn more about him go to http://www.inuyasha.com/
  • hey this is lacey i got a recemendation read inuyasha love
    love lacey

  • i dont know if you like anime,but i do! the big eyes,action,and the comedy.
    one crazy anime is bobobo-bobo-bobo(crazyname is'nt it?). its about this guy
    that fights ''hair hunters'' and does all sorts of funny stuff. i recommend
    naruto as a coolaction anime. its sad my ''mom'' wont let me watch any other
    anime for ''adults'',but i do what i can. did i mention i draw? yeah,its
    pretty cool. this was a member of the seminole heights branch anime club and
    i encourage you to read and read more manga! plus anime.

    ~chibi shinryakusha (not my real name 'duh')~


Anonymous said...

Hi I,'m Chris and I like this video because I am really into anime it has my favorite type of music!!!

Heidi said...

Well I love anime and manga. My favorites are Magic Knight Rayearth and Rose of Versailles.