Monday, March 26, 2007

Heroes in a Half Shell?

Would it surprise you to know that thanks to a handful of feisty turtles and some killer CGI, TMNT opened this weekend at the top of the box office charts?

Yeah, the Turtles can be kinda cheesy, but how many of you are secretly just a little excited about this movie because it was a favorite cartoon when you were a kid? The funny thing is... the Turtles have been around long enough that I grew up watching them, too. (And if you twist my arm a bit, I'll 'fess to being a little bit excited about this release, too, for just that reason. But only if you make me. Really.)

Want to flash back to the Turtles as they used to be? Why not check out:

Or you can just go hit up my kid brother to borrow his old tapes... he's in his twenties now, but for a while there, he was the biggest fan they had. Hmmmm... I wonder if he still has his old bedsheets?


Heidi said...


I loved the turtles back in junior high. So you bet watching the movie made me feel like an 8th grader all over again!

I have watched all 4 movies and many many of the original cartoon episodes.

Turtle Power!!!

Anonymous said...

As long as the new movie doesn't have Vanilla Ice, it doesn't exist in my book. Word to your mutha!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm kinda excited (if they do it right). That theme song really brought back memories through, makes me want to watch some Saturday morning cartoons.