Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Would you like the Internet implanted into your brain??

Imagine a future where you can IM anyone just by thinking about it...No need to sit in front of a computer because you can shop, play games, listen to music, and instantly know the latest EVERYTHING!!

This sounded great to me at first, but then I read "Feed," by M.T. Anderson. In this book, a psychotic computer hacker causes serious damage to a group of teens hanging out on the moon by breaking into their "feeds" (brain computers). Life is never the same after that.

I highly recommend this book to technology buffs everywhere. Do YOU have any book recommendations for other teens? Tell us about it!

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Heidi said...

Holy cow! That sounds scary!

Right now I am reading the books of Jules Verne, who is the father of science-fiction. I started with Around the World in 80 Days. Next I will probably read Journey to the Center of the Earth.