Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Anime Conventions

This past weekend, I was at JACON. And what's JACON? It's an Anime Convention!

Let me tell you all about some events and happenings that take place at anime conventions:

- Dealers room: where you can buy any anime goodies from figures and dolls of your favorite characters to soundtrack CDs of your favorite series to Japanese inspired clothes and then some more!
- Contests: for Anime Music Videos, Cosplay, and costume photography.
- Workshops: making plooshies, creating props, AMV basics, etc.
- Panels: about everything from classic anime to current series to fandom in America to cosplay and convention attendance tips.
- Guests: often dub anime voice actors (I got to see Wendee Lee and Lex Lang at Anime Festival Orlando, and they are the voice actors for Emeraude and Zagato in the Magic Knight Rayearth dub!). But also other anime staff, such as Marc Handler from Voltron.
- Anime viewing rooms and video gaming rooms.
- And of course, you get to see your friends and meet some more!

I was cosplaying as Rosalie Lamorliere from Rose of Versailles on Friday, Ellone from Final Fantasy VIII on Saturday, and Violet Baudelaire from A Series of Unfortunate Events on Sunday.

The next Florida anime convention will be taking place right here in Tampa!!! It's called Metrocon, and this will be its fifth year. Come join us at the Tampa Convention Center on July 4-6 to celebrate Metrocon!

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