Wednesday, April 18, 2007

T-minus 1 day and counting!

There's only 1 more day until

Support Teen Lit Day!

So let's continue our list of teen book picks with our first non-fiction choice (and our very first teen-written review!!!!)

Today's Teen Review by
by Carmen @ 78th Street Branch
Hay ya'll.

I want you guys to read this book. It's called A

It's really good because it's about a boy that is
abused by his mom. His mom was nice for awhile, but because of his drunk father,
his mom became abusive with him. One time, he was almost burned to death. His
mother told him to strip off his clothes and get in the kitchen. He got very
scared. His mother turns the oven on and told him to get in and lie down. He
began to cry and she yelled at him. He got in. He tried to get out but his mom
pulled him back. Luckily his father came through the door and his mom had to
stop. She told him "if you ever tell your brothers or your father, you would end
up in the hospital."

O.K. There’s more to the book, but you need to read
the book.

You guys might say that doesn't sounds like a really good
book, but it is. Teenagers say that your parents aren't fair, but as you see
that this boy really had a bad life. So when your parents say "no," just say
"o.k." Please read the book and appreciate your parents.

Note from Miss Jen: Carmen's pick is definitely about a sensitive subject, so it might not be for everyone. For help deciding if this is the book for you, don't forget you can always ask a parent, teacher, or even.... A LIBRARIAN! ;-)

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