Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Power Is Yours!!!

Earth Day is tomorrow! Hence I will talk about a really cool environmental cartoon that I was very much into back when I was a teenager: Captain Planet.

The show involved 5 teenagers- the Planeteers- summoned by Gaia (the Spirit of the Earth) to Hope Island in order to save the planet from environmental devastation. At the end of every episode there was a Planeteer Alert with an environmental tip. Captain Planet aired for 6 seasons on TBS- twice every Sunday (and yes, often I would watch it both times).

The Planeteers came from all parts of the world:

Kwame, from Africa, with the power of Earth
From North America, Wheeler, with the power of Fire
From Eastern Europe, Linka, with the power of Wind (my favorite!)
From Asia, Gi, with the power of Water
And from South America, Ma-Ti, with the power of Heart

And with all their powers combined, they summon Captain Planet!

Watch out for the Eco-Villains- they're out to loot and plunder!

I watched all the episodes of all 6 seasons, collected the comic book, and even tried playing the Nintendo game.

For more info about Captain Planet, check out these sites:

- Official Captain Planet Website from Turner
- Wikipedia article on the "Captain Planet and the Planeteers" TV Series
- Captain Planet Episode Listing
- Another Captain Planet profile page

And remember, the power to save the Earth is YOURS!

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