Friday, April 6, 2007

I love my meeces to pieces!

All four of them!

Do you have any exotic pets? Last year, in addition to the more commonly kept goldfish, I bought some fancy mice. I've never been afraid of them- but had never had them as pets either. So it was a new adventure for me. Mice are social, responsive, and can be affectionate- one of them even responds to her name and lets me put her in my hand and pet her!

I keep my mice in a Critter Trail One from Super Pet- with three added expansion kits, a playground, a ladder, a litterbox, and a nest. And I feed them a seed mix with many yummy yogurt treats and a big cheese flavored snack on top. And how do I tell my mice apart? They all are different colors! One of them even has long curly hair called texel, and another one has a shiny coat called satin.

To learn more about pet mice, here are some books you can find at the Tampa-Hillsborough Library:

- Encyclopedia of Pet Mice
- Pet Mice
- The Mouse
- The Wild Side of Pet Mice and Rats

And here are some cool and informative websites about pet mice:

- The Fun Mouse
- American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association
- Rat and Mouse Club of America
- Fancy Mice

Jinx the cat may not have cared for meeces- but I sure do!

EDIT- Due to popular request, here is a picture of my lovely mice:


Jen K said...

Hey, Heidi! Do you have any pictures of your meeces? I'd love to see your meece of many colors!

Heidi said...

Sure do!