Friday, June 13, 2008

We Want More!

Want more and newer video games in your library programs? We’re hoping to be able to order some new ones soon. Help us get the games you want by telling us what you recommend in the comments!

When making your suggestions, keep these criteria in mind:

  1. Must be available for the PlayStation 2.

  2. Must be rated E, E10 or T. (I know... Halo’s fun, but no M, means no M. Sorry, guys!)

  3. Must allow at least 2 players to play, preferably 4 players with the Multitap.

  4. Positive reviews (of the content) in Common Sense Media and gaming websites are a plus! (It helps me demonstrate to my bosses that the games you guys want are ok!)
Want to see what games we already have? Here’s the list…

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Keep your eyes open in the coming future for future titles...

Dance Dance Revolution X - Release date: September 18, 2008

Guitar Hero World tour - Release Date: - October 2008

Just letting you on the know ;)