Thursday, June 12, 2008

My picks for June

Wow, I can't believe it has been a year already. Here's the anniversary edition.

Fiction book- Flight to Freedom by Ana Veciana-Suarez

Yara Garcia and her middle class family live in Cuba. It is their last chance to escape before Fidel Castro's government takes over the island. Now the Garcias have fled to Miami. The kids in Yara's school can do so many more things than what she was accustomed to in Cuba. For her fourteenth birthday, Yara wants to take a road trip to St. Augustine with her American friend's family. And Yara's older sister Ileana has a boyfriend with a car. How will her parents adjust to all the changes while still remembering their traditions.

Non-fiction book: Amazing Space by Ann-Jeanette Campbell

How does a rocket work? Are meteor showers dangerous? What is the Great Red Spot of Jupiter? Find the answer to all your questions about space right here in this fun to read book.

Manga- Le Chevalier D'Eon by Tou Ubukata

It is the year 1742. Young women are disappearing mysteriously all throughout France. When Lia De Beaumont is found dead with the word "Psalms" as the only clue as to this mystery, her younger brother D'Eon decides to take things in his hands. Based on the real Chevalier D'Eon story.

Anime- Rurouni Kenshin

Kenshin Himura has been wandering for the past 10 years, carrying his reverse blade sword, hoping to atone for the days when he was the Battosai. Now he has come across Kaoru Kamiya's dojo- and a whole new world of adventures. Soon Sanosuke Sagara joins the dojo, as well as young Yahiko Myojin and the doctor Megumi Takami. Kenshin tries to forget the past, while looking towards the future- protecting his new friends while maintaining his vow to never kill again.

Website- Select Smart

Which historic era do you belong in? What Greco-Roman deity are you? Which Disney park fits your personality best? Many many amusing and thought-provoking quizzes- all collected on this website.

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