Friday, September 28, 2007

My picks for September

I've been very busy lately, but I have not forgotten about you all!

Fiction Book: Fever 1793 by Laurie Halse Anderson

Teenager Matilda Cook and her mother run a restaurant in Philadelphia. It is now summer, it is scorchingly hot, and mosquitoes are driving everyone crazy. And now the doctor has said that her grandfather is ill with the deadly yellow fever. Before this breakout, gossip involved the daughter of a rich family eloping with her tutor. Now everyone is running for their lives. What can everyone in this newborn nation do?

Non-Fiction Book: Anime Essentials by Gilles Poitras

Been watching some really good anime and want to learn some more? Find out all about the many anime genres and titles in this anime reference. From the first anime ever released to the major producers and studio to the most popular characters and more!

Manga: Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi

Serena just wants to be a normal teenager and pine for Darien. But now she has run into a talking cat called Luna- that tells Serena that she is Sailor Moon! Now they have to find the other Sailor Soldiers and the Moon Princess! And who is this mysterious masked hero Tuxedo Mask? If you liked the Sailor Moon anime, you will love the original manga.

Anime: Voltron

Five young pilots from Earth are headed to Planet Arus in the Denubian Galaxy to defend it from the evil forces of Planet Doom. Now they will pilot the 5 lions that combine to form the mighty Voltron. Action, romance, fantasy, sci-fi, adventure, comedy- no wonder Voltron is such a classic even after more than 20 years. There is also a Vehicle Voltron- but Lion Voltron is the best known, as well as my favorite.

Website: Am I Right

Hilarious music parody and trivia website. Read misheard lyrics, music jokes, parodies, crazy lists like "Bad Onhold Music", and cool trivia that you did not know like the first job of your favorite singer.

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Jen K said...

Voltron was my absolute favorite show when it came out!