Saturday, June 2, 2007

Return of the Anime-Manga Club!

Now that school is out, you have time to catch up on some fun stuff, like manga and anime! After a month off, the Anime-Manga Club is coming back to Seminole Heights Library. The club will meet every Thursday at 3pm, starting this Thursday, June 7th.

What is your favorite manga series? We discussed this at a recent club meeting and everyone wrote down their top 10 favorites. What do you think were the most popular?


Full Metal Alchemist was our club's favorite, followed closely by Inuyasha, Yami No Matsuei, Bleach, Loveless, One Piece, Fruits Basket, Naruto, Trinity Blood, and Ouran High School Host Club.

If you see a link on any of those above titles, it means our library system has it. Just click on the link to see more from the series, or to put these titles on hold!

And don't forget to check out Metrocon - Florida's Largest Anime Convention. It will be right here in Tampa, at the convention center from July 6-8. It is their 5 year anniversary, so it should be pretty cool.

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