Thursday, June 7, 2007

I'll always be an American Girl!

You're never too old for American Girl, either!

Guess where I was this past Saturday? I was at American Girl Place in New York City. And last November I went to American Girl Place in Chicago. We even had some American Girl fun events at 3 of our Libraries this past March.

We may not have an American Girl Store in Florida (although there is one coming to Atlanta this fall)- but you can get many wonderful American Girl books here at your local library!

Just for Teens- Girls of Many Lands

- Spring Pearl: the last flower
- Minuk: ashes in the pathway
- Isabel: taking wing
- Cecile: gates of gold

Historical American Girls- meet 8 (soon to be 9) girls from America's past.

- Meet Felicity
- Asi es Josefina
- Welcome to Addy's World
- Samantha's Craft Book
- Kirsten's Cook Book

American Girl of Today- Books just for YOU!

- What would YOU do?
- Skin and Nails care tips for girls
- Oops! The manners guide for girls.

- American Girl Magazine - also at our library.

- American Girl Website: featuring shopping, games, news, and information about American Girl stores and events. One of the very first websites I visited when I first began using the internet 11 years ago.

And now here's the best part- my American Girl doll collection:

Historical and modern girls:

Just like you (in this case, just like ME):

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