Thursday, June 14, 2012

Book Flip Clues @ Upper Tampa Bay Library

We have two copies of the novel Nightshade by Andrea Cremer. Can you solve this clue and find where this supernatural story is located?

A library is found in Upper Tampa Bay, where books can be found in every which way.
Amongst the aisles is a tale paranormal, and where it is found can be quite abnormal.
Nightshade, by Cremer, a young adult story, can be found hiding at this book depository.
More than 130 pages, Nightshade is a good read. Can you locate the book based on this lead?


We have a copy of the novel Skyship Academy by Nick James! Can you figure out the clue and snag a copy of this book?

Skyship Academy is a tale of a war, a battle for energy not oil or ore.
Two young men trigger stunning reactions, both become targets of political factions.
Upper Tampa Bay has the library you seek with this book of a future that seems so bleak.
Aircrafts and energy are a common theme. Search for books near six twenty three.