Saturday, March 10, 2012

Teens Get Things Cookin' at CBA

The sound of R&B music playing in the background…the virtual time clock showing "1:00:00' on the screen…a table with hidden ingredients… the Community Room @ CBA was transformed into the "Soul Chef Arena."

The atmosphere was electric with anticipation, as the audience waited for the names to be called for The Red Team and the Green Team. Six teens were randomly chosen. The Red Team was led by Antonio, a member of the CBA TAB and the Green Team was led by Kaylob, also a TAB member.

The Green Team from left to right, Kaylob, Team Captain, Cesar and Xayonara

The audience cheered as the clock was started. Both teams worked feverishly to complete their tasks – to prepare a drink, entree and desert for the judges, using at least one of the "Secret Ingredients." With moments to spare, both teams finished and the Captains presented their fare to the judges. The Green Team got off to a slow start, but finished strong and received praise for their dessert and drink, but it was the Red Team that won the coveted "Black Spatula" and the right to be called "Soul Chefs 2012!"

Pictured from left to right, the winners of the coveted “Black Spatula,” Blessing with her brother and sister; Uary Jones; Antonio, Red Team Captain; Howard Harris, President of the Ada T. Payne Friends of the Urban Libraries and Amanda

Special thanks to the Ada T. Payne Friends of the Urban Libraries for funding Soul Chef and providing two of our judges, Howard Harris, and Yvonne Lewis, and thanks to Uary Jones for providing her palate as well.