Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Teen Jam 2011 - Stix of Fire Rocked the Auditorium

Teen Tuesday Nights started with a bang at the John F. Germany Public Library on Tuesday, September 13th. Stix of Fire rocked the auditorium with some great tunes, while the rest of us chowed down on pizza and soda. This is the start of a series of programs including a Teen Advisory Board and Game Zone on Tuesday Nights.

Teen Advisory Boards allow you to gain community service hours needed for college scholarships while giving teens a voice about library programs. Help steer us old folks to some fun and educational programs that you want to see in the library. You might even be voted in as an officer, which will look great on your college resume.

Game Zone gives you the opportunity to play a Wii on a big screen with an exceptional sound system. The games include Smash Brothers Brawl and Mario Kart. An Xbox 360 provides even more of your favorite games.

Food and soda will be served to help keep your energy up while hanging out at the library. So don’t forget, Tuesday Nights are for teens at the John F. Germany Public Library.