Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Whatcha reading, punk?

Are you a science fiction fan? Did you know you may also be a punk?

There are a few different "---punk" subgroups within the sci-fi genre. Steampunk has grown in popularity recently. Steampunk novels mix the old with the new, usually referencing Victorian times and the invention of the steam engine -- think machines with clockwork pieces, dirigibles, gas lamps, and top hats. On the flip side, Cyberpunk books look into a fast-paced future, taking technology and pushing it to a whole new level. Cyberpunk books may feature robots, hackers -- think of movies likeThe Matrix or Blade Runner (which was based on a book, by the way). Finally, there's Biopunk, a subgenre that looks at the human body or biology as fodder for science fiction plots -- genetic engineering, cloning, etc.

Want to get punky? Check out our Sci-Fi Punks Goodreads shelf for a list of titles.