Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Last Book In The Universe

The Last Book in the Universe
By Rodman Philbrick

The second I stared to read ‘The Last Book in the Universe’ by Rodman Philbrick, it put pressure on my brain by forcing me to remember the different terms the author uses for daily things. I really enjoyed the action and adventure that keep you going on through the book until the end. If I were to rate this novel then I would give it four stars because it is interesting, but the author could have shown a little more effort by bringing out the action parts of the novel. The best part about this book is that you always have something to keep you interested, to keep you turning the pages; the small, not entirely fascinating quests that Spaz Boy faces as he tries to find a cure for the bone disease his sister has. Spaz and Ryter go through three treacherous latches, Billy Bizmo’s, the Vandal Queen’s, and the Monkey Boy’s, to just find Spaz’s sister, Bean. Latches are like little cities that a person and his or her gang, such as Billy Bizmo, rules. After they find Bean (his sister), they had to try to sneak into Eden, a ‘perfect’ place, and try to get a Proov, a ‘perfect’ person, into helping them find a cure. When you are in the one chapter when Spaz and Ryter are traveling through the Pipe you have to just keep on reading to see all of the new conflicts that jump out at you. As the book begins to end, Spaz still has one unanswered question, but the thing that is irritating him the most is that everyone seems to have figured out the answer except for him. Why has Billy Bizmo and Lotti Getts, the Vandal Queen, been treating Spaz so specially? What is so particular about a Spaz? Read this page-turner to find out!
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