Monday, March 15, 2010

Help create a bully-free community!

Hillsborough County needs teens to help create a bully-free community. Hillsborough County’s new Anti-bullying Youth Advisory Subcommittee is recruiting members to work with the County’s Anti-Bullying Advisory Committee (ABAC). 

The County’s newly-formed Anti-Bullying Advisory Committee has begun work to help stop bullying in Hillsborough County. The Bully Busters campaign is gaining strength and several projects are underway to bring more public awareness to the bullying problem in the county and help create a bully-free Hillsborough County.

Members of the Anti-Bullying Youth Advisory Subcommittee will be invited to participate in the monthly meetings of the ABAC and provide input into decisions. Subcommittee members will play a critical role in providing the ABAC members with a first-hand perspective on bullying and will help identify important issues around bullying in Hillsborough County.

Help create a change and have your voice heard. Anyone interested in applying for the Youth Subcommittee should call Callie Lackey, Children’s Services, at 813-264-3807 X120, or Carol Michel, Criminal Justice, at 813-276-2033.