Monday, June 8, 2009

Cool Apps on the Web

The web is full of cool, FREE applications... tools that let you make avatars, remix music and pictures, and generally just get creative. Have some fun and try some of our favorite sites to Express Yourself on the web.


  • Meez - Make 3D animated avatars that you can use anywhere! (Requires site registration.)
  • Simpsonize Me - What would you look like if you lived in Springfield?

  • South Park Studios - It’s you… as a South Park kid!

  • Voki - Get your own *speaking* avatar! (You don’t have to register to use this! Just click “create”.)

Sound Mixing

  • Jamglue - Upload or record your own tracks, create an original mix and show off your music.
  • mixStudio - Customize or remix your favorite songs, create original music and show your work to the world!

Image Editing

  • BeFunky - Turn your photos into incredible artwork with one click!

  • PhotoFunia - Upload any photo and watch as the site automatically finds the face, adds cool effects and creates funny face photo montages.

  • picnik - “photo editing awesomeness, online”… fix photos, remove red-eye, apply effects, and more!

  • piZap - Easily create wacky images with this fun, free, MySpace-friendly photo editor.