Thursday, April 30, 2009

Celebrate Safe!

Prom Night, Grad Night, and Graduation are some of the most anticipated times in a teen's life. But all the fun and celebration comes with some dangers, too. Check out these tips from the Hillsborough County Criminal Justice Liason to help you stay during these special occasions.

Making Event Plans
• Make sure you have a safe plan for the evening.
• Have a responsible, trusted person available for a safe ride home or in case there is an emergency.
• Discuss your plan with friends and family. Remind each other about responsible decisionmaking and confronting peer pressure.
• Practice and discuss answers you can use to get yourself out of an uncomfortable situation.
• Learn the warning signs for alcohol-poisoning and drug intoxication. Then be prepared to call 9-1-1 for assistance and immediate treatment if a friend exhibits those signs.
• Remember to charge your cell phone.

Getting Ready to Go
• Be sure to have your cell phone with you.
• Be sure to have printed copies of the directions with you.

Getting There and Home Safely
• Know where you are going and drive on well-lit roads. Along the way, pay attention to where
you are.
• After your red light turns green, wait a second before pulling into the intersection.
• Keep an eye on oncoming drivers - impaired drivers tend to drive towards light.
• Make sure your date/driver does not drink any alcohol.
• Keep the radio volume turned down low enough that your driver can concentrate on getting you to and from the fun and festivities.
• If your plans change call your parents and let them know.
• Do not allow anyone in your car or limo that has alcohol, drugs, or weapons. It is dangerous and everyone in the car is at risk.
• Trust your instincts – if you feel threatened, endangered or uncomfortable, call someone and
leave immediately.

And don't forget to HAVE A WONDERFUL TIME!