Monday, January 26, 2009

My picks for January

Fiction Book- Story Time by Edward Bloor

Kate and George are niece and uncle- even though George is two years younger than Kate! One day they are invited to enroll in the prestigious Whittaker Magnet School. George thinks he has it made, though Kate is not too eager given all the tests she would have to take. But it's not just the tests that are making Kate anxious. The Whittaker family has a big ego, Pogo the Librarian speaks only in nursery rhymes, and one too many people have died under mysterious circumstances!!!

Nonfiction Book- The Everything Games Book

Would you like to learn how to play chess? Trying to figure out how exactly billiards work? Want to know the difference between poker and bridge? And what exactly croquet is? This book has everything and more about all the games people play!

Manga- Castlevania: Curse of Darkness

Based on the popular video game series. In this installment, a young man named Todd and a nun have rescued an injured man...who turns out to be Hector, one of Dracula's minions! Meanwhile, Dracula has several others searching for Hector. A prequel to the video game featuring beautiful artwork and an intriguing storyline.

Anime- Sakura Wars

Sakura Shinguuji has moved to Tokyo in order to join the Imperial Flower Troupe. But she will not only be an actress- she will be defending the city from the Black Santum Council's evil plans, just like her father did long ago. Together with her castmates and their leader Ichirou Ohgami they will fight for good to protect the shrines of the city- while at the same time performing on stage for guests.

Website- Hybrid and Mutant Animals

Do you know what a mule is? Ever seen a liger? Heard of beefalo before? All these curious critters and more in this fun site complete with pictures.

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