Monday, December 22, 2008

My picks for December

Fiction Book: The Alphabet of Dreams by Susan Fletcher

Mitra and her younger brother Babak have been hiding since their family's plot against the tyrannical ruler was foiled. Mitra, disguised as a boy, protects little Babak- who has the ability to predict the future through dreams! Now a local magus has taken them under his wing. Babak has dreamt about the birth of a king who will change the world forever- so now two more wise men join them in their journey from Persia to the west. What are the scholars reading in the stars, and how will this new ruler affect Mitra and Babak?

Non-fiction book: The Everything Career Tests Book

If you are having difficulty deciding which career field to pursue, or you simply want to know yourself better, or perhaps see what other cool options you may have- this book is right for you. Test yourself to see whether your interests are more social, artistic, or conventional (among others). Find out what your optimal location would be. And what works best whether you are outgoing or reserved. And more.

Manga: The Legend of Zelda by Akira Himekawa

Young Link did not have his own fairy- unlike the rest of the Kokiris in the forest. Now that he's 10 years old he has found out why- he is not really a Kokiri, but a Hylian. Like Princess Zelda of Hyrule. Yes, that little girl whom he was helping hide was really Princess Zelda! And Link is now the Hero of Time. Each song he plays in his Ocarina results in a new magic- but why exactly has he been called the Hero of Time? And what is Ganondorf hiding? Based on the popular video game series.

Anime: Fancy Lala

Miho is a young girl with a big imagination. One day she finds two new stuffed animals- who turn out to be fairies in disguise! And with the pen they give her she can make anything she draws materialize...including the beautiful singer she drew. Nope, Miho did not create a new person- SHE becomes the singer, AKA Fancy Lala!

Website: Like Totally 80s

You probably were not around during the 80s- but I was! Take a look at what things were like when I was a little girl. The music, the fashions, the popular movies and TV. All this and more from this awesome decade.

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