Monday, November 17, 2008

Choose Your Own Adventure

Guess what I found an awesome article about the other day while I was surfing the internet:

Yeppers, Choose Your Own Adventure!

You probably have read many books written in first person viewpoint from the protagonist. Or third person by a narrator. But how about second person, where YOU make the choices. Where you can pick from two or more options and the ending will depend strictly on what you decide to do!

Back when I was a teen, these were my favorite books. I must have had over 20 of them. I would even make checkmarks on the choices I made and endings I reached so that I would know what to do next in order to read all the possible finales! They are so famous that I bought 3 of them translated into Spanish during my trip to Europe in 1990.

You can check out many of Choose Your Own Adventure books right here at our library system.

And here is the official Choose Your Own Adventure site.

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