Saturday, October 18, 2008

My picks for October

Fiction book- The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale

Princess Anidori has the gift of communication with animals. She especially likes talking to her horse, Falada. When she is betrothed to the prince of Bayern, her place is taken by her lookalike maid in waiting. Now Ani has to become a goosekeeper in order to make ends meet- and makes quite a few allies along the way. A fantasy novel remake of the classic Brothers Grimm fairy tale.

Nonfiction book- The ABC's of Writing Fiction by Ann Copeland

How should you name your characters to fit their roles? What should your story's beginning be like? Where should it take place? All these tips and more can be found in this book- yes, in alphabetical order- about writing fiction. See what awesome characters and plots you can come up with!

Manga- Cantarella by You Higuri

Cesare Borgia is obsessed with power- he will obtain what he wants at any cost. Aided by his friend the assassin Michelotto, he will do anything to conquer the kingdom. Cesare has only one soft spot- his younger sister Lucrezia, who will not remain in an arranged marriage and who yearns for true love. A historical fiction manga about the Italian Renaissance with beautiful illustrations.

Anime- Maria watches over us

Yumi has entered the Lillian Academy for girls. What the shy and introspective Yumi would have never imagined is that Sachiko, a member of the prestigious Yamayuri Council, would want to be her "big sister". Now Yumi gets to meet the Student council- from rebellious Satou Sei, to cousins Rei and Yoshino who do everything together, to the softspoken Shimako who feels just as out of place as Yumi. One of my favorite series- which does not require big robots or power-ups to grab and keep your attention.

Website- Explore Health Careers

What does a physician assistant do? How much training do you need to become a physical therapist? Exactly what does an epidemiologist investigate? What is the difference between an MD and a DO? Which professionals can prescribe medications? All this and more can be found in this fantastic resource for those who are looking into becoming health care professionals.

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