Saturday, July 12, 2008

Next Weekend: Metrocon and Red Bull Flugtag!

Next weekend brings 2 fun events to the Tampa Convention Center.

Metrocon: Florida's Largest Anime Convention
Since 2003, Metrocon has brought anime fans together with its amazing anime convention. Now, it's bigger than ever and has a great line up featuring many special guests. Metrocon will be held from July 18-20 at the Tampa Convention Center, so get your costume ready and join the fun!


July 19 is Tampa Bay's Flying Day
Are you looking for something exciting and free to do? Check out the Red Bull Flugtag event happening at the Tampa Convention Center. This event will feature more than 30 crazy teams competing to see who can fly. What is Flugtag? It literally means "flying day." Click this link to see teams compete. You can even play the Flugtag Game!


Heidi said...

I have all my costumes ready for Metrocon! Are you attending?

Jenn said...

I might catch part of Metrocon, but I am going to be there for the Red Bull Flugtag because my boyfriend's team is competing.

What is your costume? I hope you take lots of pix! I love seeing the costumes!

Heidi said...

I'll be Princess Neptune on Friday, Princess Zelda on Saturday, and Luna Lovegood on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Jenn, Which team was your boyfriend competing on?

Jenn said...

He was on the Creative Loafing Breadwinners - the "soggy cuban sandwich." You can check it out here: