Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Summer Program for Teens

Do you have friends from all different backgrounds? Can you talk to your
friends about sexuality, race, faith and feel safe? Have you ever
hesitated to say something because someone would think you are racist or
ignorant? Community Tampa Bay envisions a community free from all forms of
discrimination, where everyone can be treated with respect and
understanding. Where you can be yourself and build safer schools and
communities. They want you to come and join them, help them, strengthen
their efforts. Community Tampa Bay would like to talk to you about a GREAT
program they have called Anytown.

If you are in high school and live in Hillsborough county, then you are
eligible to come to and are invited to be part of Anytown. The focus is on
developing youth leadership and diversity awareness. It is a residential 5
day/4 night program. All meals and transportation are included in a $25
fee. The program itself is valued at over $800! It's nationally recognized
and looks great on college applications. There are two Hillsborough sessions
this summer: June 15th through the 19th, and August 3rd through August 7th.
You can visit their website or call 727.568.9333 for more details.

The Hillsborough Youth Collaborative (HYC) is a partnership of Community
Tampa Bay with the Children's Board of Hillsborough County. In its fourth
year now, the program empowers adolescents to strengthen the lives of
children and families through service and effective youth-adult
partnerships. HYC is an amazing leadership experience that equips a diverse
group of potential leaders between 14 and 20 years old with the tools and
skills to become advocates for youth issues and children's rights. As the
word gets out about the program, new members from all areas and backgrounds
of Hillsborough County have applied to join the program. The Hillsborough
Youth Collaborative’s main goal is to represent the youth voice and advocate
for the consideration of their opinions in major planning initiatives and
policy design/reform. The HYC is a YOUTH-LED group. We meet to discuss
YOUTH’s concerns, opinions, and priorities for change, and how YOUTH want to
go about affecting that change in our community. We meet twice a month for
our working meetings, and have other community service events and
opportunities throughout the month. We also provide trainings, leadership
development, and a stipend at the end of the summer for completed hours. All
of our events count as community service hours and truly provide students
with opportunities to prepare for college and a civically-engaged adult

All you have to do to get involved is live in Hillsborough County, be
between 14 and 20, and have lots of ideas about how to help your community!

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