Sunday, April 20, 2008

My picks for April

Fiction Book- Catherine, called Birdy by Karen Cushman

Catherine is thirteen and the daughter of a knight. She does not want to be married off- she prefers spending her time raising her pet birds. In her diary Catherine writes all about things like counting flea bites, the medieval cure for a toothache, how much she dislikes detailed embroidery, and how she certainly does not want to be married at such a young age.

Non-fiction book: Who Knew? by Beth Mayall

This book has 25 quizzes to get to know yourself better. It's written with girls in mind, but many of the quizzes can be useful for boys as well.

Manga: Manga Messiah

The most fascinating story ever told about the most controversial human being who has ever lived. Now in graphic novel format. With stories from all four Gospels.

Anime: Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040

The Boomers are out of control in the year 2040. Not even the AD Police are able to take care of them. Linna Yamazaki has come to Tokyo simply searching for a job- but now she has joined the Knight Sabers along with 3 other women who will save the world from technology gone amok.

Website: Listverse

Top 10 lists. Fun lists. Crazy lists. Popular lists. List of things that you did not even know existed. Corrected misconceptions. Learn many new things in this compilation of lists of everything from animals to music and then some.

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