Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Harry Potter ... Couldn't take the Peer Pressure

Well I finally have broken down and started reading the Harry Potter Series. I am on Day 3 of reading the first book. I am hoping to be done by the end of August. So out of all of the Harry Potter books, which one was your favorite?

The other thing I am trying to figure out is what age did you start reading the Harry Potter books? I am wondering if most people started reading Harry Potter when they were in Junior High?

By the way, you can still get on the hold list for the last one "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows"


Anonymous said...

My favorite Harry Potter book was the Seventh one because he is finally dead. Good riddance to rubbish.

Jen K said...

Dear Anonymous,

I'm sorry to hear that you didn't like the Harry Potter series... though I might suggest finding a better source for "spoiler" information as I'm not sure I agree with your view of what happened in the final book.

We welcome suggestions from readers for book talk on this blog... let me know if you'd like to suggest one or 2 that you think are a better read for teens!

Mr. Bill said...

Yeah, that is what I get from kids in my classes, they leave comments trying to spoil books that I am about to read. I would be mad, except I know who is Mr. Anonomyous and he hasn't read the book.

Heidi said...

I read the first one back in 2000 when I was 22. I am in the middle of listening to the 7th one on audiobook right now.

brittany said...

i have read harry potter books since 1st grade.Ever since i learned how to read i have loved it now at 13 my mom can take me to the library and i'll come out with at least 20 books but i dohnt see why nobody likes harry potter i read the last book while on vacation for every second i could spare and finished it in about 3 days and trust me mr.anonymous is definetly wrong io cant even use audiobooks i get distracted when i do and i hate not being able to read it plus what fun is it if you can't imagine the situations and how the characters sound and an audiobook spoils that whole element of creating your own description of the sights and sounds in a book i don't care how old you are imagination is still a key ingredient of everyone's life